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Questions related to payments/billing.

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You will be a pro in no time with cPanel's video tutorials. These tutorials allow you to easily learn as you can rewind, pause, and fast forward through any of the videos.

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Questions related to domain names.

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Questions that are general nature.

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Questions that are technical in nature.

Most Popular Articles

 Can i use my own private domain name servers and does they cost extra? How do i configure them?

Yes, Ofcourse and they are totally free of cost for our Reseller and Master Reseller Hosting...

 Can I change my hosting account package anytime?

Yes. You can change (upgrade or downgrade) your hosting account to any package, anytime without...

 What are your nameservers to point my domain?

Name Servers vary with the server you are hosted on. Please refer to the welcome email that we...

 How long will it take to setup my hosting account?

As soon as your payment has been confirmed your account will be automatically set up, and login...

 What is a subdomain? is a domain name. A subdomain is anything that replaces the www in a domain name....

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